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Are you interested in downloading Wing Chun DVDs and videos? If so you have come to the right place. Downloading Wing Chun videos is the wave of the future. You get your purchase within minutes - no waiting; and there is no chance of the videos getting damaged, scratched, or going bad. In addition, if anything happens to your computer you can always re-download for free!

Do you like saving money? Okay - stupid question. Who doesn’t? Well, because downloading Wing Chun videos is cheaper than buying a DVD, there is no shipping cost, and no VAT/Tax/Customs fees - most customers save 25-30% off the cost of getting a DVD (and we just lowered prices again!). That is a like a steak dinner saved for every $100 you spend! So go ahead, download some videos and take your significant other out with your savings... or get something a extra for yourself (You deserve it for shopping smart!)

Do you like our planet? We do, we think it is beautiful. Downloading Wing Chun videos is great for the environment! Did you know 1.6 billion DVDs find their way into landfills every year? That does not included the waste of the packaging materials and shipping materials! Not to mention you are lowering your carbon footprint further by preventing the delivery trucks and airplanes from burning more fuel. All that really adds up!

Everything Wing Chun Instant Access is a new and exciting way to deliver our world-class library of Wing Chun DVDs to you quickly, securely and inexpensively. With our video download application you can now download and watch hundreds of our DVDs directly from your computer, TV*, or iOS mobile device. All you need is a high-speed connection and you'll be watching in minutes.

Save some cash, get perfect playback, get lifetime access, and get your videos instantly. What could be better than that?

Go ahead and download our app and get started or if you know what you want go ahead and directly download the title you want.

* To watch on a TV you need a video-out on your computer or iOS device; or Apple TV; or a way to copy movie files to your TV/DVD/etc.

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EWCIA is now offering Gift Certificates that can be redeemed from within the app. Just click here to fill out the details and make someone special very happy!

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